Welding Technology

The Welding field is ever-changing, offers flexibility, and maintains a high demand for future employment and careers. In the Welding program, students will be introduced to the basics of welding in the most common processes: Stick, Tig, Mig, and Oxyfuel welding; and cutting processes: such as oxyfuel, plasma, and air-arc gouging. Students will learn the best methods for preparing and fitting their materials to achieve the best weld possible. Students will also be trained on how to select the best welding process needed to complete a job, while also taking into account cost and time effectiveness. As with any hands on job skill, training in safety will be paramount and best practices will be taught and required.

Career Opportunities • Engineering • Inspection • Military Support • Pipeline Installation • Project Management • Robotics

Industry Recognized Certifications, AWS ~American Welding Society Certification, S/P2

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48.0508 Welding Technology/Welder