Public Safety & Security

Students in our public safety and security program acquire the skills they need to be able to serve the public in the areas of firefighting, law enforcement, and emergency services. Students participate in practical applications and situational learning experiences while preparing to test for national, state, and local certifications in all three areas.

Public Safety Programs of Study

Students around a fire truck Fire fighters putting out a fire Parametics training on a patient

Do You Know About the SHCTC's Homeland Security Program?

Seneca Highlands Career and Technical Center (SHCTC) has launched an emergency services program that will serve four counties in north central Pennsylvania. The program was developed after Fire Chief Dana Spitler partnered with County Commissioner Carol Duffy and contacted SHCTC Director James Young in 2016 to discuss the formation of an emergency service program.

An Occupational Advisory Committee worked tirelessly to support the development of the high school program which was launched for the 2018–2019 school year. The program has a strong focus on providing students with the necessary skills and certifications to pursue a career in emergency services including homeland security, law enforcement, firefighting & related protective services, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, and first-line supervisors. The program has already achieved significant outcomes including the development of a permanent training and certification program at the Seneca Highlands Career Technology Center.

With continued community support and funding, the program is poised for continued success, producing graduates who will be prepared for a range of careers in the emergency services sector.

The program's success has been made possible through the hard work and collaboration of various entities including 23 municipalities, fire departments, non-profits, foundations, and companies. The committee has secured funding and launched the program with long-term goals to ensure sustainability. As the program progresses, it will continue to seek funding to provide the best opportunities for students and ensure longevity. With the support of the community, the program will continue to serve as a valuable resource for emergency services in north central Pennsylvania.

Public Safety Career Opportunities

Public safety careers span a variety of industries:

  • Emergency Medical Paramedics
  • Fire Fighting
  • Medical Technician
  • Law Enforcement