Locker contents

Locker contents will be available by appointment. Please send your request to include name, program and locker number.

Seneca Highlands CTC students will be offered planned instruction and enrichment activities aligned with their Program of Study. Your teacher will communicate with you through your CTC Gmail account. Your primary contact will be your teacher. I will be your contact for technical issues. If you cannot respond to your teachers' email please contact me one of the following ways.

School phone message: 814-642-2573 ext. 2, leave message

Mr. Young

Seneca Highlands CTC Continuity of Education Plan.docx

Educational Community The Seneca Highlands Career and Technical Center (CTC) is a half-day-about training facility located in rural McKean County. This school serves students from area districts in Cameron, McKean and Potter counties.

Mission Our mission is to provide high quality career programs to support the wide variety of futures our students may pursue.

Vision Our vision is to effectively communicate with sending districts, parents, industry, and post-secondary providers in an attempt to blend academic standards and Career and Technical education to meet the needs of students, community, and area industry needs.

Department of Education