The field of welding is ever-changing, yet it offers great flexibility and has proven to be a career in high demand for several years. 

In the CTC welding program, we introduce students to basic welding skills in stick, TIG, MIG, and oxy-fuel welding. We also cover cutting processes for oxy-fuel, plasma, and air-arc gouging. In our program, students learn through hands-on experiences. They prepare and fit materials to achieve strong, clean welds; learn how to select the best welding process for a particular job; and review accounting and time management practices. As with any hands-on job skill, safety training is paramount, and we are diligent in that regard.

Welding Program of Study

Welding Career Opportunities

Welding careers span a variety of industries including these:

  • Agriculture
  • Engineering
  • Home Inspection/Repair
  • Manufacturing
  • Military Support
  • Oil/Gas
  • Pipeline Installation
  • Project Management
  • Robotics