Career Resources

Our guidance team provides a comprehensive counseling and guidance program to help our students acquire lifelong learning and career skills. We help every student develop a proactive program designed to support their academic and career goals.

PCEC Career Connections Video Resources

Check out the Potter County Education Council's (PCEC) YouTube channel for Career Connections video resources.

Virtual Career Cafe Sessions

April’s virtual Career Café session is now ready for viewing…”Careers in Healthcare”.

Please share the Google Site with any students/teachers at your school who were unable to attend today. Students will also find contact information for the speakers and a link to the post survey.

Please join us next month on April 20 at 10:00 a.m. for "Careers in Healthcare” with our guests below.

  • Charles Benson, ER Nurse/Flight Nurse from Port Allegany
  • Chrissy Tingley, OT/PT Assistant from UPMC Cole-Coudersport
  • Shannon Faes, Expanded Function Dental Assistant from UPMC Cole-Coudersport

Gaining a Career Advantage

Career Zone

Pennsylvania Career Zone is a proven career exploration and planning system designed for high school students. It is jam-packed with information about both technical and skills-based occupations as well as college and training programs. It provides goal setting and tracking capabilities and offers students online document storage to help them stay organized as they research and prepare for life after high school.

Student Organizations

We encourage students to participate in organizations that will boost their career skills and provide leadership opportunities—both important aspects of succeeding in the workplace. Learn more about the extracurricular opportunities we offer on our Student Organizations page.

After Graduation

Transferring CTC Content to Your Personal Gmail

Open your CTC Gmail account.

In the upper right, click on "Google." It is generally the button with your profile picture.

Select Manage your Google content, then click "transfer."

Follow these steps:

  1. Enter your personal Gmail account to have verification code sent, click "send code."
  2. Access your personal Gmail on a device, click "verify code."
  3. Select content to transfer, you are able to choose to transfer your CTC Google Drive and /or your CTC Gmail content. Select "start transfer."

The transfer may take up to a week to be completed.

Managing Your Website
Disconnecting your website from the CTC account by following these steps: 

  1. Open your Google Sites Website in your personal google drive.
  2. Click “Publish” twice. This should rename your website with your personal Gmail account.
  3. Change permissions by clicking the “Share” button and selecting “Links Vary” at the bottom of the pop up window. Set these permissions to: DRAFT “Anyone with a link;” and SITE “Public.”