Seneca Highlands CTC's Student of the Week

Jeff Finch, Student of the Week, standing next to the Austin Panthers logo on the wall

Jett Finch has been selected as the student of the week for his outstanding performance and dedication in the heavy equipment maintenance program. Jett's positive attitude, commitment to learning, and active participation in both academic and extracurricular activities have truly set him apart.

Jett consistently demonstrates a strong academic aptitude in his first year of heavy equipment maintenance. His proficiency in the program's core subjects is commendable, reflecting his dedication to mastering the material. Jett's excellence extends beyond the classroom as he excels in his electives showcasing a well-rounded academic approach.

In addition to his academic accomplishments, Jett is an active participant in sports for the Coudersport School District. His commitment to athletics reflects a balanced approach to his overall development. Jett's involvement in sports not only contributes to his physical well being but also emphasizes teamwork, discipline, and leadership skills.

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