Seneca Highlands CTC's Student of the Week

Alexis Hagans - student of the week

Elexis Hagans is the student of the week for the week of February 19, 2024. She is participating in the afternoon session of the early childhood education program at the Seneca Highlands Career and Technical Center. Elexis is a senior enrolled at Oswayo Valley High School. Upon graduation, Elexis plans to attend college to become a special educational needs teaching assistant.

Elexis works at the Shinglehouse Early Learning Center after school and volunteers there during her afternoons. She enjoys spending time with her grandmother and her best friend in her free time. She is active in Potter County Human Services and Strengthening Families.

We look forward to her efforts paying off as she strives to attain her child development associate credential in the near future. Elexis was chosen because her instructor, Kim Mooney, does not ever remember a time when she did not complete her work, failed to inform her about changes in the schedule, and did not organize and take care of items in the classroom. She is pleasant and has always been very personable and thoughtful of others.

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